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    Vietnamese enterprises stand before the opportunity to break out in the US market

    The 2019 Seafood Fair is taking place in the city of Boston, bringing together more than 1,000 seafood businesses from over 50 countries around the world.

    Vietnam’s 15 major seafood enterprises attended the largest annual seafood fair in North America to seek new partners and expand potential markets.

    Speaking at the fair, Mr. An The Dung, Director of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency in the US under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said Vietnam’s seafood exports are facing an opportunity to break out in the US market because The economy of this country is on the recovery, the consumption of seafood increases and the anti-dumping tax on Vietnam’s shrimp this year is expected to decrease from 25.39% previously to 4.58%.

    In addition, Vietnamese pangasius, which has long been a favorite brand, is currently prepared by the US through recognition as eligible for export to this market.

    Therefore, the target of the seafood industry to bring export turnover this year to 10 billion USD, up 10% compared to 2018 is a highly challenging target, but with positive signals from many foreign markets. The country, especially the US market, according to calculations by the Vietnam Fisheries Association (VASEP), the possibility of achieving this goal is feasible.

    Specifically, VASEP determined the target for 2019 is to export 4.2 billion USD to shrimp; 2.3 billion USD with pangasius and about 3.5 billion USD for seafood products. In order to achieve this goal, in parallel with efforts to develop the market, the fisheries sector is making efforts to develop a clean farming development strategy, improve processing technology and promote exports, with a focus on solving to finish the problem of antibiotic chemicals in aquatic products and the common diseases in shrimp today in order to consolidate consumer confidence in Vietnamese shrimp products, and actively carry out increased activities. promote product promotion in fastidious markets like the US, Japan, and Europe.

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