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    Africa-promised land for aquaculture VN

    Update :18/06/2013 09:15:00

    African people tend to use seafood instead of meat meal. This is an opportunity for businesses  Vietnam boost exports of this commodity, can even study the possibility of aquaculture in the country to serve local demand and for export to countries neighboring

                                                                    Seafood products favored day in Africa

    – In most countries in Africa, the aquaculture industry, especially freshwater fish do not grow so must be imported to meet the domestic demand. Meanwhile, the supply of abundant fish in the water with stable prices are favorable conditions for Vietnam enterprises to boost exports to this region. In fact, exports of commodities such as catfish, inspection, market shrimp to the area has been continuously increasing in recent years. Specifically, in 2012, Vietnam has exported products to 25 countries in Africa with a turnover of nearly 150 million, up 38% compared to 2011. I/2013 quarter alone, the value of seafood exports to Africa reached 30.3 million, up 15% compared to the same period last year.
    Many opportunities but difficult
    Due to geographical distance, inconvenient transportation, transportation by sea takes a lot of time, lack of direct flights to the export of live aquatic difficult. Many African countries have a long coastline, has the advantage of local seafood supply large demand for canned fish and frozen not high.
    Despite the potential for growth but the market size fish in this area are generally not large, and the export promotion requires time propagation and promotion.
    Meanwhile, the solvency of most African importers and sometimes low occurrence of fraud via the internet trade in a number of West African countries leads to psychological concerns when  Vietnam approach this market.
    Another difficulty that companies face that Vietnam is one of countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria … apply high tariffs, requires some paperwork to confirm consulate (Egypt), Certificate of Organization for Standardization Nigeria (SONCAP) for imported seafood.
    However, difficulties not only from Africa but partly because of Vietnam enterprises. Some companies did not seriously Vietnam in implementing export contracts as poor quality delivery, discrediting the customer.
    For commercial contracts, the terms of a contract by Vietnam are often poorly drafted, does not clarify the responsibilities of each party signing partner should easily cause difficulties when a dispute occurs.
    To ensure stable quality
    When seafood business on the African regional market, Africa Market Department, West Asia, South Asia noted, Vietnam enterprises should ensure export quality goods to keep stable credibility with customers goods.
    In addition, the initiative to contact the Vietnam Trade Office in Africa, such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria to find out information and market importer. Limit finding and dealing with unfamiliar customers through the Internet.
    Actively participate in the survey group market, trade promotion, the international exhibition specialized workshops, business forums by the trade promotion agencies in the country to organize the a trusted partner.
    There is a link, the price agreed to build distribution networks in a number of key markets, avoiding dumping to win customers.
    When negotiating and signing contracts with African partner businesses to choose the method of delivery, reasonable payment to avoid the non-receipt of goods imported to downward pressure on prices. – The Department recommends African market Report.

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