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    Frozen fish fillets Vietnam accounted for 19.4% of market share in Brazil

    (Update: 18/06/2013 )

         But seafood import value is not large compared to the other major markets of Vietnam, but Brazil is a stable market with   seafood import growth yearly average is 26% and accounted for 1 , 8% share of the world’s seafood imports.
      While most of the major importing countries reduced demand for seafood, then imported into Brazil has slightly increased nearly 8% in volume and 2% in the first 4 months of this year with about 153 thousand tons of raw seafood (HS 03), worth nearly $ 513 million.
    Unlike other import markets, Brazil favored grilled fish, smoked fish than frozen fish. This item behind only frozen fish fillets. Imported frozen fish fillets of this country in the first 4 months of this year reached about 67 thousand tons, valued at $ 183 million, up nearly 10% increase in volume, but only 5% in value over the same period last year.
    In fish fillet products imported into Brazil, Vietnam pangasius just behind pollock, cod, hake and salmon for consumption. Therefore, the import value of fish fillets from Vietnam to the country still lags behind China’s products and Chile.
    In 2012, frozen fish fillets in Vietnam accounted for 19.4% market share in Brazil, while China is the biggest market share of 35.7%, followed by Argentina accounted for 23%.


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