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    Happy signal in pangasius export

    Although many challenges are posing for the pangasius industry, opportunities are wide open in the Chinese market and some other markets. Closing in 2017, this industry is considered successful when pangasius price reached the highest peak in 10 years (fluctuating around 28,000 VND / kg). With the above results, the image of Vietnamese pangasius is being trusted by China to meet strict standards from the EU and the United States. China is an emerging import market, but the value and structure of Vietnamese pangasius export market to China market is on the rise: in 2016 it is 17.8%, in 2017, the sudden increase about 40%. Vietnam Pangasius Association, said that in 2017, the new farming area of ​​pangasius in the Mekong Delta provinces (Mekong Delta) is 3,300ha (up 14%), the harvested area is 3,415ha (up 7%) ), production reached 1.06 million tons (up 5% compared to 2016) with an average yield of 309 tons / ha (compared to 313 tons / ha compared to 2016). Total Pangasius export turnover in 2017 reached 1.75 billion USD, up 5.5% compared to the same period in 2016. The Chinese market rose to the top, the second is the US market …

    Pangasius industry in the Mekong Delta is gradually improving the link between businesses and farmers, along with the implementation of the product traceability process, creating high value-added production chains is a good premise for Tra fish products surpassed the “technical barriers” and penetrated into difficult markets. In order to sustainably develop the export pangasius industry, the General Department of Fisheries recommends good implementation of solutions on management and production organization and market development; At the same time, diversify products and develop value-added products. Localities with concentrated Pangasius farming areas should actively allocate funds for environmental monitoring, warning, disease prevention and quality inspection of Pangasius material as well as control of input materials. for local aquaculture. People and businesses in the Mekong Delta hope that with the above solutions, this strategic export product will continue to develop sustainably so that people can stabilize production and life, avoiding the precarious situation.


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