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    Pangasius exports to Mexico increased by 18%

    (seafood.vasep.com.vn) Pangasius exports to Mexico as of the first half of February 2019 reached US$19.8 million, up 18.2% over the same period in 2018. Mexico was still the fifth largest Pangasius export market of Vietnam.

    The trend of exporting Pangasius to the Mexican market in the first month of this year signaled a better situation in export activities in this market. Among four major importers with high potential (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and the UAE), Mexico was the only market that has achieved positive growth so far.

    According to statistics, in January 2019, there were about 15 Pangasius enterprises exporting to Mexico market, of which Dong Thap and An Giang were the two localities with the largest export value. At the same time, the two main types of products for export were frozen fillets Pangasius(HS 030462) and frozen slice/steaks Pangasius and Basa (HS 030324) to Mexico. Frozen Pangasius and Basa with higher average export prices ranging from US$1.25 – 3.95/kg;  Steak Pangasius products cost from US$1.12 to US$2.25 /kg.

    According to ITC statistics, in 2018, import of white fish to Mexico increased by 5% in volume and 18% in value compared to 2017, in which China and Vietnam were the two major suppliers of white fish to Mexico. However, in 2017, while imported white meat to Mexico increased by 34% in volume and 37% in value, imported Pangasius to Mexico from Vietnam decreased by 26% in volume and 7% in value compare to 2016. During this period, Chinese tilapia were subjected to high tariffs in the US-China trade war, so Chinese tilapia businesses pushed up export of tilapia to the Mexico.

    So far, Mexico is still a large importer and the potential of Vietnamese Pangasius and Basa. Compared to other large markets, the average import prices in Mexico is not high, but it is still a remarkable market in 2019.

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